Mr. R.K.Bajpai


CPVN’s citizenship goal is to admit children of all caste, religion and creed without distinction on wholly residential basis and inculcate in them a spirit of secularism with no emphasis on any religion and get with respect to all religions

CPVN’s Residential School has come into existence seeing to a long standing need of such school not only in Kaimganj (Farrukhabad) but also in the adjoining districts like Etah, Etawaha, Mainpuri, Hardoi, Shahjahanpur and Budaun to cater the need of students who desired and longed to study in Residential school will act as a platform to provide opportunities to the students and promoting physical, mental, cultural and moral development of children in the age group 8 to 16 yrs against the background of true Indian Culture and providing a healthy environment in which they may imbibe a spirit of service to the community, the country and ultimately to the Mankind.


The Boarding House is established within the lush Green Campus, outside the town Kaimganj with ultra modern facilities and amenities like spacious and airy dormitories prep rooms, common rooms facilities of indoor and outdoor games etc. It is rightly said a sweet home away from home for our boarders. A residents Principal, assisted by Academic-Supervisor, Boarding Superintendent House Master, Matron and female care takers look after the children, their living conditions, meals, studies, games, sports and co-curricular activities. Senior children are encouraged to manage their own affairs and are also given training in corporate life by assisting the supervisory staff in taking care of the younger children and by making an effort to foster an atmosphere of love and affection amongst the children.


All the activities of Boarding House residents i.e., Boarders are strictly followed as per the schedule of the Boarding House, including morning PT, prep, breakfast, schooling, lunch, evening tea, prep, dinner, including time for their rejuvenation.

We provide enough opportunities to our boarders for the development of their independent thoughts, imaginations and dreams. They have separate house for compulsory computer classes in the state of the art computer labs and two house of conversational English classes for their grooming. Besides, they are mandatorily given exposure to games sports, debates, elocution, speech, drama etc. We have a detailed list every year of our boarders who participate and win regional, state and national level prizes in various competitions and in games and sports as well. Besides, they enjoy two compulsory history am educational tours during every session in order to learn by seeing and to entertain and rejuvenali themselves.


N.C.C. is also compulsory for every boarder of class IX and above. They are first prepared as per the requirements in N.C.C. then enrolled for A B E C certificate exams which are renowned and weighted all over India in various organizations (Govt., Semi-Govt. and non-Govt.). This is to develop leadership qualities in them and to teach them the utmost unity and discipline, which are the motto of NCC.

Our Boarders are given multi faceted opportunities under trained expertise bringing amazing results. We groom our Boarders as gentlemen of tomorrow speaking fluent English meticulous mannerism, displaying the decency of public school.


  • Lush Green Campus, away from the city.
  • State of the art modernized Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer labs.
  • Learned, Dedicated, enthusiastic faculty Members.
  • Conversational English and grooming classes for the full fledged development of the Boarders.
  • Regular Swimming sessions and exposure to other outdoor games such as Football, Cricket, Basket ball with the help of experts.
  • Regular visits of family doctor twice a week.
  • Reformatory classes for weak and backing students to promote them.
  • an Educational cum recreational tour and a trip every year.
  • Audio-visual aids such as power projectors and Over head projectors to enhance the learning.
  • N.C.C. as a compulsion to develop the leadership qualities among the Boarders.
  • Participation in various regional, zonal, state and national debate, speech, quiz and sports competitions with full preparation.
  • Separate Gym-room and pool room for their additional physical and mental grooming.
  • Generator facilities round the clock.